Technology & our children

My husband and I are very anti-technology. We are probably the only people on the planet without iPhones. I’m a stay at home mom with access to our computer if needed and his profession doesn’t have him behind a desk and no emailing is required. He still has the first generation iPod while I have the first generation iTouch. Oh, and I have a Kindle for just reading, no 3G.

Our children are yet to be sat down to watch TV and they aren’t given any iAnything to be kept busy. Although sheltering them from these things isn’t our goal for the rest of their lives, when they get to school age I’m sure we’ll be using something for schoolwork, we don’t see the need for our kids to be looking at a screen like that. If they’re bored they should go play or even read a book (at their age it’s pretend to read a book but you get what I’m saying).

We were recently at a birthday party and at our table was an adorable 8 month old baby….with an iPhone in his hands watching the screen instead of playing peek-a-boo with his mommy. At the park the other day a parent had their child in the stroller….with an iPhone in it’s hands. You’re at the park!!

When did parenting go to the machines? 

I came across this article and shared it on my Facebook page. Most of my friends “like” every article, post, photo of my kids all the time. However, when this article went up the only “likes” it got was from non parents. Is it better to not know the damage we’re causing our children? I know way too many people who are guilty of giving their child technology instead of playing with the child themselves.

I don’t know what it’s like to have to get something done and have only one child. My kids don’t need TV or iSomething’s to stay occupied. They have each other to run up and down the hall with giggling. I’m sure it’s easy to say “Just a few minutes won’t do anything.” but what did our parents do with us? We pride ourselves today about the knowledge we have about parenting. Organic foods are better, reading to newborns is good for their minds, breastfeeding facts, etc. Yet, our parents never left us alone with an iPhone and our generations didn’t have as many troubled children as we do today. (Although I believe many children get over diagnosed as well adding to the numbers, just my opinion.)

Next time you’re out, look around. See how many parents are paying attention to their children and how many are distracting them instead. You’ll start to feel bad for the kids around you.


My Breast Friend Twin Breastfeeding Pillow

One of the first things I registered for was My Breast Friend Twins breast feeding pillow. The excitement of having something specifically for twins got the best of me.


The pillow is awesome. Its nice and large enough to fit two children. It’s a great help to breastfeed both children simultaneously. It even has pockets on the outer section for whatever.


My kids HATED being fed in the football position and even more being fed together. The pillow was wasted on me after I realized they would feed better one at a time across the chest. Now it’s vacuum packed in my basement waiting for who knows what.

Let’s not forget to mention that the pillow is big and bulky so it doesn’t fit in the seat in your nursery so you’re designated on the couch. I loved rocked back and forth on my glider and ottoman while the babies ate.

Stay at home Mom and proud

I’ve learned in my short time as a parent that people think you’re doing it right or wrong and there’s no in-between. As a stay at home mother I’ve faced a lot of criticism and a lot of support.  I cannot imagine what it’s like to work from 9-5 while still being a mother. I praise women who are capable of doing the task. Yet those same women are the ones saying that what I do is useless. Women that say that I’m uneducated (tell that to my masters degree from an ivy league). Women that say that I’m lazy.

The choice to stay at home with my kids until they go to school was a mutual decision between my husband and I. It was an easy choice to make for us. He makes enough money to allow us to live comfortably (not rich, but we get by) and we didn’t like the thought of putting our children in day care after hearing all the horror stories in the news (as well as a personal experience from a friend and her childs broken femur at 5 months old) all the time. Leaving the kids with family wasn’t an option 5 days a week either.

There are mothers out there who don’t have the luxury of staying home, they have to feed their kids. There are also mothers who can’t imagine going all day singing The Wheels on the Bus a million times. There are also mothers who believe the hype from other people that stay at home moms are all Peggy Bundy’s sitting on the sofa, eating bon bons while watching TV.

Below is a simplified version of my schedule as a stay at home mom, you be the judge on how lazy i am. Please also note there are items at the bottom that fill in other gaps of time…

6:15 am wake up
make bed
restroom activities (no need to get into the nitty gritty)
eat breakfast
take dog out to do her business

 7:00 am kids wake up
change diapers
dress kids
give bottles

8:00 am make kids breakfast and feed them
clean them up after they are done
clean up their high chairs and surrounding floor area covered in food

 9:30 am kids go down for nap
unload dishwasher
put load of laundry to wash
fold laundry from dryer for day before

10:30 am kids wake up
change diapers

11:00 am feed kids yogurt with fruit

12:30 pm warm up milk and give to kids

1:30 pm feed kids a snack
feed the dog

2:00 pm kids go down for nap
make myself lunch and eat in peace
throw clothes from washer into dryer
clean the days assigned room (each day of the week is assigned to a room in the house so that i have the weekends free to do things with my husband and children)

3:00 pm kids wake up
change diapers

4:00 pm feed kids a snack
cook dinner (sometimes we all eat the same thing, other times i have to make something separate for the kids)

5:00 pm i go to the gym for 30 mins and shower

6:00 pm dinner for the kids and my husband and i eat together as much as the kids will allow me

6:30 pm bathe children
dress them in their pajamas

7:00 pm give kids milk
i finish any dinner i have left

7:30 pm kids go to bed
put away any leftover dinner for my husband for work the next day
clean up all the toys thrown around the house
load dishwasher and wash by hand any pots and pans as needed

8:00 pm take dog out for a walk

10:00 pm bathroom activities
go to sleep

I run errands (grocery store, bank, post office, misc.) on any given day.
Once a week I take the kids for an hour for a play group
There are almost always phone calls that need to be made (and i don’t mean chit chat calls, I mean lets call the insurance company and find out why the surgery wasn’t covered, you know those calls you make during your lunch break at work).
I play with my kids and read to them. I’m trying my best to help them develop normally since they were premies and statistically fall behind their peers.
There’s doctors visits to attend and grandparents to go see.
I sew so there are projects from my husband, family and friends at times
We are landlords and there are always tenants issues to deal with or showing an apartment to potential renters.
Also, keep in mind that although i may start a chore during nap times it doesn’t mean I get to finish them. They extended throughout the day.

Do I have time to relax? Yes, there’s downtime, just like anybody else has downtime throughout their day.

I don’t know what a working mothers schedule is like. I don’t know what the schedule of other stay at home moms is like. I only know mine and I believe I’m doing my best at keeping a clean home, raising my children, loving my dog, and being a good wife to a good husband.

I’m content with my life and my choices. I look at how happy and healthy my children are and KNOW I’m doing what’s right for our family. Key words there are OUR FAMILY…. not yours. Different things work for different people.

We mothers need to set an example for our children. We need to stop being judgmental jerks. Would you like your child to get bullied in school? No? Then why are you bullying others for being different than you?

Hard not to compare

I have no idea what it’s like to be a parent to children one at a time. Do these other parents go “Hmm, Sally was crawling by 5 months and Jimmy is 6 months now and refusing to roll over.”? Do you forget about the achievements of the first child?

Having twins is an every day comparison. You’re told a million times (by others and by your own voice in your head) that you must not compare, every child develops differently. However, when milestones are a month or two apart you can’t help but worry. You’re literally doing the same thing for both children so the way they’re raised can’t be the reason.

You start to wonder if something is wrong with the baby that is behind, and nothing is scarier than worrying about your baby.

Help baby gain weight

The past few check ups at the pediatricians we noticed that my little monkeys were gaining less and less weight each month. They have been more active but with the addition of solid foods they should be gaining more than the 6 ounces one of my monkeys gained last time. Being twins they’re on the smaller end of the scale to begin with so their growth is very important.

After only two weeks of the below additions the physical difference was obvious. I’m excited to see how much weight they’ve gained at their next check up.

Feed Often: the pediatrician had me substitute one fluid feeding for a solid feeding. So now my babies were getting milk 3 times a day and solids four times.

Avocado: they contain a high calorie count and good fats the help with both physical development as well as brain. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, they are considered natures perfect food. Per serving, avocados contain 3.5 grams unsaturated fats which are important for growth and development of the nervous system and brain.

Yogurt: their lunch is now a full fat YoBaby yogurt sprinkled with flaxseed. Yogurt is safe to introduce after 6 months of age due to it not containing lactose. Some doctors say it’s not safe to introduce until 8 months so please check with your pediatrician before doing so. Yogurt contains healthy fats like avocado’s do as well as protein and other great nutrients.

Egg yolk: every other day they get an egg yolk in their morning oatmeal and fruit. Yolks are a rich source of iron and DHA (a fatty acid important for baby development). Egg yolks have a high level of cholesterol which is why it’s given to my babies every other day instead of every day. It’s recommended not to have more than 4 egg yolks a week.

Pastina: added to their dinner vegetable or served with homemade chicken and vegetable stock. Foods made with whole wheat or other whole grains contain a good amount of calories.

Coconut oil: mixed in with cooked pastina. Just like extra virgin olive oil it provides extra calories to their foods. A study was done where they added coconut oil to formula to low-birthweight babies. They  all gained weight quicker. The weight gain was due to physical growth and not fat storage – so we’re not fattening up turkeys.

Olive oil: being that I make their pureed foods I simply add olive oil to their vegetables before storing them in the freezer. They provide the necessary fats for brain development and growth.


It means exactly alike. Meaning no differences. Not even a little birthmark.

Exact. Same.

So can somebody please explain to me how people ask if my kids are identical twins? Ummm, no, sorry. One is a boy and the other a girl. There’s some major differences in the diaper department.