About Me

I’m a stay at home mother of a set of boy/girl twins. In my late 20’s, I’m content with my life as a wife and mother (including being a fur mama to a wonderful shelter dog). My husband and I married in 2011 after 5 years of dating. He’s my best friend and biggest fan and I am his. I am probably a feminists worst nightmare, although Ivy League educated and independent I believe in traditionalism working best in marriage and familyhood. My modern twist to this is that I refuse to be told what to do. Example: My thought is that the household is my job, but don’t you dare tell me I belong in the kitchen!

Before you start wondering: yes my twins were IVF. 3 weeks before our wedding my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and after multiple surgeries and chemo treatments our only option was In Vitro. Although cancer is a horrible thing for anybody to go through, we wouldn’t have our children without it and we’re in a way thankful for it. We’re thankful for our children and we’re thankful for the way it brought us closer than ever.

I’m no expert in anything I wish to write about but that won’t stop me from stating my opinions. Everybody is entitled to their own thoughts and ideas, blogging just lets me release mine into the world. I believe that we parents/humans should support one another and help educate as much as possible so that other may make their own decisions. I’m open to suggestions from others and am also willing to let others know what’s  helped me.


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