Natural Fever Reduction

To me, medicine should be used only when really necessary. I think our bodies are wonderful things and can fix things with proper care. I also believe we build immunities to medicines when we overuse them. I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a doctor, these are just my opinions.

With it being winter many children, and adults alike, are coming down with colds. A fever is actually your body fighting off your infection. (See, our bodies being amazing). Your body raises it’s temperature to stimulate your immune system by producing the antibodies necessary to fight off the infection. Don’t suppress a mild fever with Tylenol or Advil, let it run it’s course. Studies have shown that suppressing the fever is worse for your child because it can make the infection last longer. Up to 50% longer in fact.

This is of course only when it’s a low fever, under 106*. At that point damage can be done to the brain and heart. Also, obviously, other symptoms play a part as well and ALWAYS speak to your doctor first.

Anyway, back to the natural part….an old wives trick that works wonders in our house: socks dipped in white vinegar. It’s a slower suppressant of a fever and just edges you out of that scary zone without eliminating the fever completely. So basically, still allowing your body to do what it’s meant to do but with the reigns pulled back a little.

So why socks dipped in white vinegar? The way it was explained to me is that the cold vinegar (you can use water too but vinegar stays cold longer) will draw blood to your feet, which promotes more blood circulation, as the blood is circulating it’s also being cooled by the cold feet. Not sure if any of this is true or not. All I know is, it works.

My son had a 104* fever once and I was terrified. We took a lukewarm bath before bedtime, he and mommy slept in the living room skin to skin and he had his vinegar socks on. I was waking up constantly to check on him and halfway through the night his fever was down to 99* and by morning it was gone. There have been other incidences were my kids have had fevers but none that high / scary.

Also remember the saying: Feed a cold, starve a fever. Fluids are your friend. Chamomile with lemon and honey are always a favorite. For us adults, who have had some practice doing shots at the bar, we also add some crushed garlic to the tea. It tastes DISGUSTING (hence the ability to down a shot coming in handy) but it’s called Russian penicillin for a reason! The children would refuse the gross garlic but they get some warm chamomile with lemon and honey in their sippy cups and they drink it right up. I’m sure the sweet honey is a factor but mama doesn’t care, I’m just anxious to get them feeling better.

I hope I was able to give some tips and ideas to you out there.
Stay healthy!!


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