Sesame Street Centerpieces

So my twins 2nd birthday party is happening this coming weekend and it’s all about Sesame Street. (What kid doesn’t love Elmo?) I love Pinterest and found adorable centerpieces but all a little too complicated for my clumsy hands. Plus, who has the time with two toddlers destroying your house? I finally decided the easiest thing for me to do is Sesame Street signs in a flower pot with my kids names on them. Each table will have two centerpieces, one for my daughter and one for my son.


First thing is first…. a photoshop creation of the sesame street sign with my children’s names and the number 2. I printed out the sign on 100 lbs card stock. Next, I glued a stick onto the back of one sign and then glued another sign on top of that. Basically a front and back thing. I used E600 glue simply because that’s what I have. It’s all about pinching pennies with me so why purchase something else if I have something already?



Once the glue dried it was time to put everything together. I bought terracotta pots from Michaels for $1.49 each. In order to have the signs from flopping around I stuck them into Dry Foam Mug Plugs by Floracraft (also purchased at Michael’s. a 2 pack for $3.99 and I cut them in half so basically I had 4 pieces for $4)

IMG_0065I layered  tissue paper – foam insert – another piece of tissue paper (to cover up the foam).

Cute yet simple (in my opinion at least).



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