Oh No! Vaccines!

This post may be a little scattered. I didn’t preplan it or even do a first draft. This IS the first draft. I’m just getting my thoughts and comments out there.

So there’s a huge debate in the entire nation, parents and non parents alike arguing about vaccines. The pros and cons. If you don’t vaccinate you’re exposing your child and others’ to viruses. If you do vaccinate and your child develops autism it’s the vaccines fault. I’ve heard that it’s simply a coincidence that the MMR shot and autism happen at the same time in a babies life. The thing is, if it’s just a coincidence then why not just delay the vaccine? Instead of giving it to children at 15 months of age, give it to them at 24 months. That way, when the autistic traits appear in the child before the vaccine is administered people have nothing to blame but genetics….

I personally believe in both sides of the debate. There’s no denying the benefits of vaccines. When was the last time you heard of somebody having polio? I have vaccinated my children with some of the recommended vaccines. Yes, that means, they haven’t received many other ones. They will though, just not yet. My doctor is very pro vaccine and when I approached her with my plan to delay some shots she wasn’t completely pleased but didn’t have a problem with it because the children would be getting them eventually and not too delayed in her opinion.

Another plan I did, which was my pediatricians way of helping ease my mind, was break down every vaccine into 2 or 3 visits instead of a full dose at once. We also never gave them more than one vaccine at a time. In fact, I’ve researched on how to get the MMR vaccine from the drug companies as three separate vaccines. One measles, one mumps, and one rubella. I’m still unsure which is the better option, will update when I do.

Our children are developing so much in their first 3 years of life, injecting them with so many man made fluids is not exactly natural.

The thing is, pro vaccine parents are angry that anti vaccine parents are going to give their child a virus. Well, if your child is vaccinated then why are you worried?

Another statement – I find it a little skeptical when these debates are going on in forums and somebody comments “I’m a medical professional and I can tell you….”etc. Oh yes? So you benefit financially if people get the vaccines, yes, I should take your comments unbiasedly. (<— sarcasm)


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