A Day in the Life….

Today I had baby girl walking around without her diaper on. She had a little bit of a diaper rash and airing sounded like a good idea. All was fine and dandy until she peed on the hardwood next to the coffee table. Baby girl start crying due to the burning feeling she was probably experiencing from the diaper rash. As I’m trying to soothe her and clean up at the same time, baby boy steps in his sisters puddle and slip and falls, hitting his chin on the coffee table on the way down.

Now I have baby boy crying and bleeding from biting down on his tongue, along with baby girl crying and wet with the puddle still on the ground.

In walks the dog of course…. walks right through the puddle and continues on her way leaving pee paw prints (say that 3 times fast) all along the way.

Yep. Yep. So much fun!


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